The Personal Brand Breakthrough Mini-Course

Build the foundation to your transformative personal brand so you can get unstuck in your career! With a step-by-step blueprint and on-demand video trainings, you'll create clarity & confidence in your niche, unique value & core messaging.

Hi, I'm Stefanie!

I’m a Cornell alumna and former Googler turned coach and speaker committed to helping natural-born leaders get unstuck in their careers. I help you to build confidence, create clarity and attract soul-aligned opportunities by developing your personal brand.

However, my journey getting here was pretty unconventional. Prior to entrepreneurship, I was a Product Marketing Manager at Google for 3+ years. This career path was (I thought) the obvious and best next step after spending years doing marketing and branding for a wide range of people and organizations.

But over time, it became clear that something wasn’t right. Even though I had a "dream job" at Google, I never felt more stuck, depleted, and unfulfilled. The more I tried to push past these feelings, the worse I felt.

Unsurprisingly, by August 2020, I had to take a leave of absence after reaching a point of severe burnout that crippled me. 

While I felt like a complete and utter failure at the time, this actually turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. While on leave, I grew my personal brand on TikTok and Instagram to 70K+ followers simply by sharing my knowledge on marketing, branding, and mindset. 

Within months, I started attracting brand deals, job opportunities, podcast and press features, clients, business partners, and more. By February 2021, I leveraged the community I had grown to launch my first coaching company and finally quit my job at Google!

My personal brand allowed me to get a strong & successful start to my entrepreneurial journey and get unstuck in my career.

The profound, positive impact personal branding had on my life and the lives of my clients is why I’m so passionate about helping you do the same.

If you’re ready to build and grow your magnetic personal brand and get access to my proven, signature frameworks, then check out the Personal Brand Breakthrough mini-course!

This has everything you need to create confidence and clarity in your niche, unique value, and core messaging so you can ensure a strong start that promotes your long-term career success

Unlock The Power of Personal Branding!

The mini course that will put you in the express lane towards fast personal brand growth & success

No more second-guessing, hours of headache or wasted time overthinking this. You'll get the simplest and most effective step-by-step blueprint to set a strong foundation for your transformative personal brand.

This is for you if you're looking to...

  • Position yourself as a trusted authority and expert
  • Skyrocket your influence, impact & credibility
  • Gain a deep sense of fulfillment & renewed creativity
  • Effortlessly attract clients/customers, job opportunities, brand deals, podcast/press features, business partners, and other life-changing career opportunities
I'm Ready!

Join the hundreds of other leaders who are finally getting unstuck by building their magnetic personal brands!

Get unstuck with personal branding

Lay the foundation to your transformative personal brand and call in your most fulfilling & profitable career!


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