Get unstuck from an unfulfilling career or endless job search.

For natural-born leaders who crave more freedom, Project Unstuck helps you to build confidence, create clarity, and attract aligned opportunities through an unexpected but powerful approach: developing your personal brand.

In each episode of this free video series, we explore a crucial question or obstacle (and share practical templates & tools) to help us get unstuck and discover a greater sense of purpose

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Hi, I'm Stefanie! I've been here too and it's not easy. 

In August of 2020, I had to take a leave of absence after reaching a point of severe burnout that crippled me. Even though I had a "dream job" at Google, I never felt more stuck, depleted, and unfulfilled. I had hit rock bottom and knew something had to change.

So, I started sharing marketing and mindset content to build my personal brand on TikTok. I quickly grew an audience of over 70,000 followers and began attracting numerous opportunities - from clients to brand deals, job offers, podcast and media features and more!

My personal brand allowed me to successfully launch my own coaching businessquit my job at Google, and finally get unstuck

Since then, I’ve helped thousands of people build their personal brands with my signature framework. 

It was after watching the transformations created among my clients and community when I came to realize that personal branding is one of the best ways to get unstuck professionally

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